Saturday, December 13, 2014

T'is The Season

What? Where did I get this beautiful platter, you ask?

 Oh, at a little shop called On A Whim.

And look, you can change it up!

Ah, the sound of velcro. (rip, rip rip)

 It's the cousin to bubble wrap. (pop pop pop!).

 Very satisfying, if you're weird.

This plate has as many changes as a Madonna concert.

 You might like one of your own.. if you're a Material Girl like that:)

T'is the season! We are making our homes Merry and Bright.

 Shopping for others, but somehow always finding something for ourselves.

 I should really fund one of those Christmas Club accounts.

I work retail. So it's busy, hectic, stressful but fun. It's festive and fast paced.

No time to wimp out.

 I channel my inner Duke.
To myself in the morning: "A (wo-) man's gotta do what a (wo-) man's gotta do!"

To my Barista: "Don't say it's a fine morn'n or I'll shoot ya"

When I'm placing an order for a customer who needs it yesterday: "Hurry up, we're burn'n daylight!"

To the co-worker who appears to be doing nothing: "Fill your hands, you son-of-a b*tch"

And when I get home from a long day and kick off my shoes I hear him say:

 "Get off your horse and drink your milk" always know just what to say..

Here's what he night say if I asked him if I could just use his finger for a minute to tie a little bow...

He's non-verbal like that....

One of my favorite shoppers this season was an eight year old little girl.

Me: What would you like for Christmas?

She doesn't shy back...

 Favorite Girl: Duck tape!

Me: Wow! Duct tape..that sounds exciting!

She's an artist. It's her medium of choice.

She has belts to make, backpacks to decorate, and books to re-design.

She's eight....

Her joy is contagious.

Duct tape.

Right when the thought crosses my mind that her Christmas wish is going to be fairly painless on her parents budget, she adds:

"Oh, and Ugg boots. I'd like a pair of Ugg boots"

Of course she does:)

She's an artist with style.

Is there any other?

Merry Christmas..Pilgrims.

Saturday, October 4, 2014

Mom Diaries 2014: Every 15 Minutes

Has anyone heard of Bubble Tea? Sophie introduced this to me yesterday.

It's a little like the self serve frozen yogurt experience, except the "toppings" actually go on the bottom. Instead of candy and fruit, the choices are little jelly cubes of tapioca.. also called "pearls" Then the tea is poured over and the cup goes through a little machine and a foil top is sealed. Using a large straw, you punch through the lid and as you drink you get a few of the little pearls of various flavors.


This Southern Belle is becoming quite the California girl.

Thank you Alameda, for all your cute coffee spots and shops and beautiful  homes.

Next stop: San Mateo. Let the Mom diaries begin..

I was feeling a little travel worn so my mom and I decide to crawl into her bed and watch a movie.

We go through the choices and decide on Jerry Maguire.
I totally had forget that the movie starts with that rather steamy sex scene between Tom Cruise and Kelly Preston.

We take turns saying:

Oh my...

Our mother/daughter time has started off with a bang.

(So to speak....:)

Today, we decide to actually get out of the bed and GO to a movie. There's a heatwave here and I am
looking forward to the air conditioning..I don't care WHAT we see.

My mom logs on-line and checks the movie times. (I love that about her, still engaged in life and not afraid to try new things like Facebook, Blogging and learning more about the internet. That's pretty impressive for a 84 year old.)

She finds an early show and tells me we need to leave by 10 am. And here's how the rest of the conversation went:

Me: Oh, great! I'll just hop in the shower around 9.
Mom: Oh, we don't take showers here..only baths.
Me: Oh, (we take turns saying "oh" a lot ) Well, how will I wash my hair?
Mom: You can get on all fours.
Me: Oh...
Mom: Or, you could lay down and I could pour water over your head.
Me: Um...
Me: Oh, that's ok..I'll figure something out...

She comes into the bathroom a couple times asking if I need any help.
(I'm wondering how I functioned for the last 30 years with out my mother's help:)
I told her everything was fine and I was doing great.....I did manage to wash my hair in the bathtub.
That one day at the gym finally paid off..

Look at my choices at the theater..
 Now, how do these Californians expect me to choice between drinking Starbucks coffee or eating ice cream...Better just do both?

This is my mother's "grandmother" clock.

It chimes every 15 minutes.

Every 15 a decibel only an 84 year old could appreciate.

Did I mention it chimes very 15 minutes????

I am increasingly becoming aware of the time passing 15 minutes intervals....

Anyway, I know that time passes quickly and soon I will fill this visit flying by..

I want to savor every minute.

Thanks to this clock, I have a reminder of that.

Every 15 minutes:)

"My favorite things in life do not cost money. It's really clear that the most precious resources we all have is time."~ Steve Jobs.

Thursday, October 2, 2014

Travel For Dummies

"I'm leav'n on a jet plane..don't know when I'll be back again..."

Well, actually I do, because I bought a round trip ticket...

After a three hour drive, I'm sitting at my gate. If I enjoyed flying all this might be pretty exciting. It's just the take off, the landing and all that in between.

So, I just asked The Lord for two things.

1) "Lord, would you please bump me up to first class? I dressed up, just in case. ( just doing my little part ,Lord)

2) "Lord, could you please keep the plane from landing too soon. (If you get my drift..)

It's a shorten list.

I'd also really love it if a Flash Mob would erupt during my flight.

Maybe the cast of the Lion King aboard?

I've always wanted to be a witness to one of those fantastic events! Maybe we'd all be in first class so I'd really feel apart of it. ;)

And how fun would it be to have a flamboyant flight attendant  demonstrating the proper way to buckle my seatbelt via Chorus Line style?

Maybe a Rockettes high kick pointing out the nearest exits?

My flight is delayed. They need to replace the fire alarm in the bathroom.

It's taking so long I believe they must have had to send someone to Wal Mart.

I guess I should want to know if my plane is on fire...

I hope I sit next to that young mom I see to my right.. Maybe I could walk up and down the isle with her little boy. ( Maybe he likes to pace too:)

And we could sing along to our Flash Mob and enjoy our real cloth napkins in first class:)

Anyway, I'll see if there is a way I could help her... It IS a 5 hour flight.

 Paying it forward for the wonderful people who offered to help with Aidan.

Thank you from the bottom of my heart.

Tuesday, September 16, 2014

Meet Coe

In the past year I have had this conversation with the little family that lives here:)

"I really don't want anymore pets in the house. Especially pets in cages. Cages that need to be cleaned"

So, that being said, in the past year there have been fish tanks, frog terrariums, spiders encaged and about two weeks ago I went downstairs and saw something that looked like scaffolding extending halfway up to the ceiling.

Is that a cage?

It looked like some kind of animal urban development project.

Is that a cage?

On closer inspection, I spy two coiled up ferrets in a hammock hanging from the top of the CAGE.

On a little table next to them are mini icy drinks with little umbrellas floating atop and little ferret ear buds in.. and I'm pretty sure I hear this verse:

                                                       Nibblin' on sponge cake
                                                       Watching the sun bake.
      Wasted away again in Margaritaville.
  Search'n for my lost shaker of salt. 

That part might have been an exaggeration but, they did look very comfy and obviously scored the Penthouse. 

Oh, I give up. 

If a woman is talking 
But no one is listening
It's probably the Mom. 

A few weeks ago, we had quite a stormy night. My daughter sent me a text that my grandson wanted to come upstairs with me. 

He slipped into bed with me and did the sign for "cold" and "scared." I asked him if he wanted to pray and he put his palms together. 

I prayed aloud that the Lord would protect all the animals outside in the storm then I prayed for family members. 

Aidan loves to hear their names:

Uncle Justin
Aunt Amy
Baby Penny (he cracked a smile at that name..I know because I peeked:)
Uncle John 
Aunt Sophie....

I mean, who knows....maybe its raining where they are.

I prayed for any storms that might be in their lives.....

And then this came out of my mouth:

"And Lord, would you please bring Aidan a dog"


Where did THAT come from. 

This time both our eyes popped open. 


Then we looked at each other and started to crack up! 

We laughed and laughed and laughed:) 

All laughed out, we drifted off to sleep in the Peace that covered us.


What storm..? 

The next day (the very next day!) I received a call from a friend. 

She had recently met a woman in a dog park who trained service dogs. My friend was interested in training one of her dogs to be a service dog for herself. They planned a meeting to discuss it. Sitting at Panera, my friend started to tell this woman about Aidan and she showed her a picture of him. The conversation went from HER wanting/needing a service dog, to the idea of Aidan getting a service dog. (she is one of the most generous, selfless women I know)

To make a long, beautiful, furry story Coe: 

A black lab. A recuse dog.

I went to meet him at the home of the "foster mama":) The trainer met me there (along with my friend who crafted the whole idea:) and the trainer decided he would be a great candidate for a service dog! 

Coe will be trained to sleep with Aidan and bark to get our attention if Aidan needs us. He will learn basic sign language and basically be a companion for Aidan. 

Here's my thought for the day. 

Sometimes there are dark frightening storms in our lives.

Sometime our prayers fall flat - they come back to us like an echo. No ear to catch them. No response. Some prayers seem to go unanswered. 

"I know Lord, why your utter no answer. You are yourself the answer. Before your face questions die away...What other answer would suffice? - C. S. Lewis. 

And then there are the prayers that are answered before you even pray them. ("And Lord, please bring  Aidan a dog") They are all tied up with a bow...waiting to be delivered once uttered:)


Thursday, September 11, 2014

No Ordinary Day

Today is good so I want to make note of it. I want to remember.


It's September 11th. I remember September 11, 2001. I went blueberry picking at a local farm. It was quiet and peaceful - a pretty strange comparison to what had happened earlier that morning.


Since that time, I've tried to mark that day by doing something wholesome and well, normal.

Because that was no ordinary day, I try to emphasize and appreciate the normal everyday things I tend to take for granted.

I've recently learned that of the "Ten Happiest Small Places In America"... I live in #4.

That's pretty smiley;)

So, seems like a walk into this happy little town would be a good choice for this normal, ordinary day of mine.

I wondered if I could pull Aidan away from his computer games to take a trip to Disneyland ( er..I mean Downtown Blacksburg)... and he seemed pretty excited to do so.

That makes me pretty smiley:)

His seizures are getting worse so he has not been able to go to school and he can't really "walk the walk" with me, so I buckle and strap him into his red chair.

And we are off!

I think the rule is to walk towards on coming traffic, but we don't. Because I'm old and I do what I want.

La la la.

And, if we did, we wouldn't be able to play the awesome walking game I made up.

As we hear a car approaching from behind (and I pray they aren't texing) I say to Aidan "Aidan, I believe the next car to pass us will be......" Then I fill in the blank with the color. If I say "white" and a big black truck races by, Aidan pounds is fists into his knees in sheer agony that I was wrong. He's quite theatrical about it all:) I think that comes from being non-verbal..he definitely means to get his point across.

 If I guess correctly, he throws his hands up, fist pumps the air and laughs and laughs! Then we do a "victory lap" and I spin him around in his chair doing donuts.

Its pretty smiley:)

I'm not sure where our walk will take us. He might want to go to a bakery.  I guess I will if he makes me.....

I know what makes this such a happy town! The bread! Thanks to Bollo's and Our Daily Bread, I haven't had to buy a grocery store loaf of bread in over 20 years. Nope, not when there is Honey Wheat, Lemon Poppy seed, Portuguese Sweet and every European bread known to man.

Oh, thank you Jesus, that gluten is my friend!

Hallelujah! :)

We take our treat to the Farmer's Market lawn. I unbuckle Aidan from his chair. I have a wide rubber band that I wrap across his chest and hold on from the back so he is arms free. He wants to push his chair.

I think this gives him a feeling of power. (Or maybe he just likes things with wheels:)

A woman walks across the lawn and says hello and wants to hug Aidan. She fills him up with positive affirmations.

"Look at you go!"
"You are so strong!"
"I admire you!"

She tells me she owns the Ethiopian restaurant next store.

She says:

"I want you to come and eat with me"
"Anytime! Anytime!"
"I want you to come eat, anytime... on me"

Her kindness and big hearted invitation brings tears to my eyes.

Well, I can't just stand there and cry.

Not in the 4th happiest town in America...

She wants to feed us.

Is there any more gracious offer than that?

She tells me I am doing a good thing with my day.

She has no idea what this means to me.

I am rethinking this.

Maybe this is ...No ordinary day.

Sunday, September 7, 2014

Grandparents Day!

This is my traditional post for Grandparents day! And's Grandparents day!

It's been fun to write about my grandchildren. Aidan is my oldest so he has two poems (he's been around the longest:)
Aidan was born with a condition called Polymicrogyria. He is non-verbal and this condition is fluid and constantly changing. We never, ever take for granted a day with Aidan. He is precious, funny, happy and one of the best little human beings I have ever had the pleasure of knowing:) The best laugh I have ever heard!


Aidan talks with his hands
It tilts our world and changed the plan

Unaware of life's twists and turns
What we don't know, we soon must learn

Darkness tries to deposit fear
We cast it out ~ the Light appears

How much love does he possess? 
He's perfect in his brokenness. 


No words
Slow starts
Big Smile
Melts hearts

Little words from little hands
A slight divergence from well laid plans

Not always sure to run this race
God steps in
Amazing Grace

No words
Slow starts
Big smiles
Melts hearts

And then came the news that a granddaughter was on her way! I wrote this while she was 'cook'n' in her mama's tummy before we knew her name:)


Bird by bird
You'll make number three
Little baby girl
So precious to me

Growing strong and unafraid
The Lord declares you fearfully made

Little baby bird
What kind of girl will you be? 

I'm waiting
                   and waiting
                                       and waiting to see...

Cowboy boots and faded blues?
Layered in ruffles of a pink tutu? 

Dotted with glitter on lips and eyes?
Or out the door to make mud pies!

Already loved and prayed for in faith
Cover her Lord with your favor and grace

Bird by bird
You'll make number three
Little baby bird
So precious to me

                                      And here she is all grown up:) Miss Penny Ruth Thomas

In between these two precious ones we had an experience with adoption. It was a good situation and the baby has a wonderful home with precious parents. But, I will tell you this, adoption is process. (and I'm only the only job was in a supporting role) But, I remember coming home from the hospital and having a little panic attach and thinking "what have we done?..I need to go back and get our baby.. I couldn't sleep and couldn't sleep then this song come to mind. 

When I'm worried and I can't sleep
I count my blessings instead of sheep
I think about a nursery and I picture curly heads
And one by one I count them as they slumber in their beds
And I fall asleep
Counting my blessings

So many blessings to go around with this situation. We are a fortunate family! 
So I cried...and then jotted these thoughts down. 


I have another little bird but he lives in a different nest. He was a gift from one mothers heart to the other. 
The one act healing an emptiness in each. A plan so lovingly designed by the Lord that I stand back in awe and fall on my knees in worship.
Beauty for ashes.
Out of chaos, a plan

I send this one heart whispers. I picture them traveling through the night sky, slipping through his window..spreading across his little chest and dropping into his heart.
A love beat.
Things I want him to know.
I whisper that I love him.
Life whispers
I listen closely
Just in case he whispers back. 

 I look forward to my future grandchildren who are coming...this I know. 
It's good to be a granny:) 

Tuesday, August 12, 2014

Roller Coaster

Someone has a new backpack.

Someone is going to school today.

Geez, one minute we are carrying him from the bed, to the sofa, to the bathroom - literally carrying him.

On minute we are ordering things like wheelchairs, walkers and bath seats.

Today, he is able to stand (a little bit wobbly and we are still holding on a bit) and walk around with a backpack loaded with fresh school supplies.

This has certainly been one roller coaster of a ride.

The way up is the most frightening. Click, click, click up into the unknown.

Our hands are gripped tightly to the sides.

The fear and anxiety shows up on our faces.

I never choose the roller coaster ride...

"One ticket for the Lazy River please..."

The ride throws you into one hair-raising turn after the other.

Sometimes, making a complete loop.

And then there's the drop.

Oh God, the drop...

Will it all go crashing down?

You realize your not breathing..

You will yourself to take a breath.

But, you're not alone on the ride.

There're people in front and folks behind...

You're hemmed in.

The death grip loosens.

One finger at a time.

You throw your hands up.

In complete surrender.

You trust in the engineering and the design and the wisdom of the creator of this particular ride.

After all, it does come with a warning:

"In this world, you will have trouble. But trust in me and you will be unshakable, assured and deeply at peace."

The ride levels off....a safe landing is in sight.

(You've earned a free pass on the Merry Go Round:)

So, here we are! The first day of 2nd grade!

Let the ride begin..

Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Soldier On

This is one of my favorite pictures of my granddaughter, Penny Ruth. The likely scenario is one that's played out in every toddler's life.
This is Penny's expression when she hears the word "No."

Let's just take a closer look:

Oh, I can see the wheels turning.. 

 No one likes that bitter word. Small, but a hard one to swallow-maybe more difficult than Supercalifragillsticexpialidocious - it chokes down,  even with a teaspoon of sugar.

 She's curious, as all toddlers are. Her mom just wants to protect her and at the same time teach her obedience. But, Penny has a will of her own. She wants what she wants and in this case, what she wants is inside the "no" cabinet. She doesn't understand the dangers involved. She's not walking or talking yet, but even at this young age, she has opened the gift of free will... and she's playing with it. 

I call this the "Eve Factor." 

I wonder what would have happened if Eve just moved her beautiful naked body down to the next tree? Probably just over there to her right. A few small steps across that soft meadowy foundation... no threat of weeds poking at her perfect little toes.

How about a pear? I realize its not our favorite shape...but take one for the team, Eve!

Have a pear, Eve. 

 Must have been one beautiful piece of fruit hanging there from the Tree of Knowledge of good and evil. 

But, I understand. I'm just like Eve. 

And therein lies the fragile, delicate balance. 

"Everywhere the human soul stands between a hemisphere of light and another of darkness" 


Take your pick..

We were not designed to be automated robots - that wouldn't be a very satisfying creation. 
The earth is like one big off leash dog park. No choke chains. Free to sniff out our own path. Woof. 

Even if you don't believe the creation story, it's easy to see that man is potentially good or evil. It's a free will universe. 

This is no paradise. Tragedies happen. Bombs go off. The good die young. Children are born with disabilities or even end up with little tubes sticking out from their tummies. 

Last night, I got home late and snuck into Aidan's room to check on him. A little smile spread across his face but the first sign he made was the one for "pain". I said, "I know" and that I was sorry. He signed "go slow" telling me to be gentle and careful and he pointed to the white plastic tube on his tummy. I reached under the covers and started to count his toes like I've done since he was a baby - telling him it was helping to make him strong and that he was being so brave

 Then, like a coward I left the room, ready for a breakdown ..which happened later when I heard him cry from the room below mine. The doctors cut through muscle, it hurts and he is uncomfortable. 

Pain entered me and spread until there was nowhere else to go. I wanted to squeeze it all out, like a great big sponge. But, it came out one drop at a time..tears are another silent language. 

 Then, in the midst of his cries I hear his mom's voice - and a little giggle slips out of Aidan:) I don't know where he finds this well of happiness, but thank God he does, because it's contagious and helps us all. 

He's a fighter. (with cute little buns:) 

This is one brave little soldier. 

So, we choose to soldier on...

Wednesday, April 30, 2014

Happiness Pie

Aidan is home from the hospital. EEG glue still stuck in his hair. 
I bought a little dinosaur puzzle for us to work on since much of our activity after a hospital stay needs to be done while sitting or laying down. 

The directions said: "Easy to hatch-mind boggling to close." After several minutes of trying to get this egg cracked (including a pitocin drip) I finally got this bad boy out. It was mind boggling enough! This dinosaur is out of his shell forever! 

Anyway, it made Aidan happy. 

Anyone who knows me, knows I will read anything on the subject of happiness (well, that and suffering...and where's God in the suffering. Happy little thoughts like that:)  

"The Happiness Project"
"Happiness Is A Serious Problem"
"The Secret Keys to Happiness" 

 If the title has the word happiness, it doesn't take me long to crack that open. 

I want a piece of that pie..the happiness pie...

It's a bit of a mystery. People who seem to have it all and expect happiness to be a byproduct, die from a drug overdose trying to ease the pain. Others, who remember having very little as a child, barely enough to eat and only hand me down clothes often talk about how happy they were. They didn't know not to be happy! Thats a home where love abounds. 

Look at the happiness on this child's face after receiving his first pair of new shoes:) 

I often produce that look when I buy new shoes:)
 At first sight, those look a little too big for him but he doesn't seem to mind. Oh, the joy:) 

A while back, I signed up for a research study at Virginia Tech. It sounded interesting but I mainly did it for the monetary compensation offered for my time. (I wanted to wallpaper my bathroom....for free:)

I was the first woman accepted into the study. I met the basic criteria: A women of a certain age and weight range, not taking any form of drugs, or even vitamins. Interestingly, they were having trouble finding women my age who where not taking some kind of prescription drug. I asked about it and was told that most were on some kind of an anti-depressent.

Oh, a happiness pill......

Recently, I went to my doctor for suggestions/help for the symptoms of menopause. He rattled off a list, which included an anti-depresent. I stopped him right there and then and said: "You've got to be kidding me - an anti-depresent for the symptoms of menopause?" He told me it helped a lot of women, including his wife. (I hope his wife gave him permission to share that because here I am blabbing about it)  He said: "It takes the edge off." Hm...edgy? Maybe he meant bitchy.

 Edgy + bitchy = An unhappy woman.
 No one you'd want to be around! Apparently, there's a pill for that..

 I'd like to think I can figure this happiness thing out the natural way but, if it's anything like figuring out how to get the natural look from the makeup artists behind the Mac counter..this is going to take a little work..

So, I read about happiness. Reading is my anti-depressent drug of choice. I take it at least three times a day, often in a reclined position. Extreme conditions may call for reclining in a tub of hot bubbly water. And never on an empty stomach.

Side effects may include, but are not limited to: dry mouth (quickly remedied with glass of red wine) A general feeling of wellbeing. A strong desire to look on the bright side. A slight upturn of the corners of the mouth. And if the words work their magic and you feel a euphoria that lasts for more than four hours, share that book with a friend.. 

I think I've narrowed down the secrets to happiness to a few key things:

Someone to love
Finding a purpose and a passion in life
Something to look forward to

The other day I was thinking (because I have a strange little mind) that there should be some kind of emergency pie mobil. 
Whatever your mood...there's a pie for that...

It would jingle down the streets like the old ice cream trucks playing a little song..maybe something like:

Sugar Pie, Honey Bunch
You know that I love you!
I can't help myself!
I love you and nobody else!

It's no surprise that an animal as loyal, true and one that displays  unconditional love such as a God spelled backward. The same rule applies to the word "stressed" surprise what that spells backwards:) 

tBasically, I feel like we are born with a natural set point for happiness. Horrible things happen and it dips below our set point. Good things happen and it's raised. Then back again to its norm. But, we're all different. There are those who seem to find happiness easily and those we know as the Eeyore's "End of the road. Nothing to do, and no hope of things getting better!" Poor Eeyore, he has a very low happiness set point:) 

Aidan's condition messes with my set point. (which I feel is naturally set quite high) The drugs they tried intravenously had no effect on his seizures. It's disappointing to say the least. Just like the game of Candy Land when unfortunately you choose the card that takes you all the way back to square one-just when you feel like you are approaching a sweet place. 

But, Aidan is no Eeyore. He doesn't even know to be unhappy. Love abounds. We're still slicing that pie..and serving it out. It's not the end of the road. We will try the next thing. And, love abounds..and abounds. 

Thursday, April 17, 2014

It's Cake'O Clock...again

Today is my birthday. Today, I officially become a senior citizen.

This is just very exciting....

I went on-line this morning to see what benefits await me today that weren't availably to me yesterday.
According to one website, I've been a senior citizen for the last five years.

This is just very exciting....

It's probably a good thing I didn't read that when I turned fifty. Fifty was hard. Fifty sounded very old. It took me awhile to get my mind around turning fifty. I could hardly say the word. Maybe it takes about five years to be able to say that particular f word, because I'm not having quite the same reaction to turning 55 today. (and that's two f words put together!:)  In fact, I'm  looking forward to claiming some of these old age senior discounts!

I've actually practiced it taking Aidan to the movies.
"One child and one senior citizen for the 7pm showing of Frozen"
I felt a little guilty pushing it by a few weeks, but this morning I read that movie theater discounts start at age 65. (I may need to go back to bed....) Why that little 18 year old didn't say "Ma'am, I'm going to have to see your can't possibly be a senior!" (and really LOUD so everyone could hear ) I will never know:)
Little whipper-snapper...

But anyway, old people need to look on the bright side of things. (we're headed towards the light and all that...)

We really are offered all kinds of nice little discounts! (I need to send that memo to Kate Spade...)

 In a hostage situation, I'd be one of the first released.

 As we age, the love for our country grows.  I think I could pull this look off:

Apparently our jewelry becomes functional. Because we fall, and we can't get up..

My memory is starting to slip. I can completely forget my point in a conversation midstream, but I've learn to fill in with complicated words

I've decided I'm just going to start to call everyone "Sweetie" when I can't remember a name. Old people can do that..and it's one of the benefits of living in the South:)  I can be a little old school anyway. I like it when young people call me Mrs. Thomas. I like to hear "your welcome" to my "Thank you" (as opposed to "No problem") I have a strange desire to tell everyone I love them.

What can I say about this day? That things are mostly good ~ and that I'd like to be more like this guy:

                                       "I'm still learning." ~ Michelangelo- age 87.

Still learning. So much more to learn.
Somethings I hope I never forget. So, let me just remind myself:
(Because at this age, we write little notes to ourselves:)

1)  What I say, and how I say it..matters.

2)  When I feel a nudge or a general feeling to do something random for someone. Do it. Don't wait. It   will lose its impact if I think about it too much and will most likely end in the deed not being done.
 3) Just be brave.

 4) Things aren't fair. Stop looking for fair.

 5) There is nothing like saying I'm saying I'm sorry.

And now I better get up and get moving...the clock is ticking:)

Thursday, April 3, 2014


This is about the fastest I've ever sat down to write a blog. And I have to do it quickly because I need to be somewhere in 30 minutes. But, I don't want to forget to say thank you.

Do you ever feel like something is just meant to be? You are in the right place at the right time? I felt like that happened today.

Today is my day off. I was enjoying being in my home catching up on things and cleaning and playing on line and of course chatting to God. I told him that I thought he should just come back. That things weren't all that great around here. In the big scheme of things but mostly in my little world. Aidan isn't much better. We still have to hold on to him while he walks. It's hard to put weight on him..he's as skinny as a little bird. The whole thing is just sad and pathetic and I hate it. It effects everything about my life.

I figured it was God's day off too because he was a little quiet on the matter. No trumpets blew. We didn't all meet up in the sky. Aidan still falls.

Everyone is tired around here. It was a half day for Aidan so I wanted to give his mama a break and asked her if she thought he was stable enough for me to take him to the track like I used to when he was in better form. She didn't think so. I decided I would take him for a ride in the car and get him something to eat.

When he is this bad, I just go through the drive through (he likes Taco Bell Pinto's and cheese:) then I park and get into the backseat with him and feed him while he is still in his car seat. We talk and people watch. A dog was in a car next to us so that was fun.

He said he wanted ice cream. Sounded good! But, I just kept thinking about the track. I decided I would try it. I could hold him up while we walked. He needed the exercise. Ice cream could be the reward.

When I got there I saw a dad putting his son into something like a wheelchair. But, it wasn't a wheelchair. It was a fantastic trike for the disabled. Aidan was FASCINATED.
Long story short.,..It was a meeting that was just meant to be. I got so much information about the organization which sells these and other items and priceless conversation from a family who has walked a similar walk.

So, I am reminded that sometimes when I feel the Lord is silent..he often appears incognito. Like one great big masquerade party-in the form of family, friends and complete strangers.

And then we had ice cream.
And God is good.

Wednesday, March 26, 2014

A Beautiful Mess

The new craft I decided to try looked whimsical, beautiful and charming.  Most importantly, it looked fairly easy to do! (That's why I chose it:)  But, it's not so easy. Or, maybe it's just that I'm really horrible at it.

Pretty sure I'm horrible at it...

The vintage silverware is beautiful to work with. It's old, it has a history. It comes with flaws. The lettering doesn't have to look perfect. It's supposed to be part of its charm.

Good thing.

Because I'm pretty horrible at it.

Someone recently encouraged me that it's new, I need to get the feel of it and that of course I will make mistakes!

It's just that I have to practice on the pieces themselves which can be a little costly (even though I am getting pretty good at finding interesting pieces for pennies on the dollar) and if it's a particularly beautiful piece it can be quite disappointing to see it end up in the practice pile.

My practice pile is getting to be a pretty sad beautiful mess....

This morning I had a little time and thought it would be cute to stamp "Humble Pie" on a lovely pie server. I stamped the E on backwards. What? That is just unacceptable. Talk about having a slice of humble pie...
But, I had to laugh at myself-it was pretty funny. (a few minutes later....:)

I'll keep trying. My beautiful mess pile will get smaller. I'll have pieces I'm happy with.
I come from a long line of creative women. I have a lot of ideas for these beautiful silver pieces.

And after all, I DID invest in this lovely PB wall organizer to keep it all a beautiful mess:

Talk about putting the cart before the horse:)

This morning, I thought about past mistakes. Why we make we get over them and the need to forgive ourselves and those who's mistakes impact our own lives.

No one gets out of here alive without making a few. We are all flawed. I look down at my imperfect pieces of silver, still beautiful in many ways.

(stupid backward E:)

And then, I wrote this:

They take you
Want to break you
Try to make you...
Into something you are not.

Tell their lies to you
Slip up beside you
And whisper....
"there is no way back"

But, you get up
You lift your head up
Tired of being fed up..
You're not defined by the past

You won't be suspended
In a time unmended
You'll take the scars..
And called them blessed.

That's when a strength is born..
From a beautiful mess.

Monday, January 27, 2014

Name By Name

In nightly prayers
I share my heart
Not always sure where to start

Prayers for those I am apart
Always fill this mother's heart

Safely in your care I know
This you promised long ago

In secret prayers to you, my Lord
You call my children my reward

And, so I prayed
Name... by name
Through whatever darkness came

There's a battle for the human soul
It sets a price, exacts a toll.

Prays fought out on bended knee
Power like the raging sea...

Dare you test this mother's faith?
I plan to stand and win this race

What's to gain in this long fight?
Added names to the Book of Life

And so I pray name.