Wednesday, July 29, 2015

On Being Human

Coming to the beach always makes me feel a little more human.

Vacations are like that, aren't they?

What IS this feeling anyway? (oh yeah...relaxation..)

The ocean has it's own smell and sound. It's easy to feel like you're outside your life a bit.

I take long walks on the beach. I unpack my mind.

I wonder why (in my real life) I don't take more early morning walks...

Probably has something to do with "early" and "walk"

I talk to the God of the universe on these walks - my source of power..the sower of my dreams..

Feet in the sand, sun on my face, sound of the waves rolling in my ears...

"Your thoughts—how rare, how beautiful!

    God, I’ll never comprehend them!
I couldn’t even begin to count them—
    any more than I could count the sand of the sea."

I'm amazed at how many shells look like little hearts. I notice this with every trip I make to the beach. I look for it-a love note..
This trip I found a little kitty cat. She's been my constant companion on my walks. I tuck her into the side of my bathing suit bottom and off we go! (I'd rather walk a dog..but she appeared to me as a what are you gunna do?)

 I like it when she winks at me.. Meow..

 With all the recent shark attacks (one at this very beach) we are all amazed at how many people are out in the ocean, neck deep. 


The five of us sit in a row in our beach chairs looking out for any signs of shark fins. (those of us who remembered to bring our glasses...) We discuss what we'd do in that kind of emergency. There's one nurse among us..we all look her way as if to say "It's all on you, babe" 

She's a good human. She'd do it. Whatever it takes..she'd do it. 

We have an HR Human..she would make sure everyone felt heard.
And if everyone started talking at once, we have a First Grade Teacher Human who could put her finger to her lips and quiet everyone down. (in the count of three.....)
An Accountant Human -highly trained to avoid errors and skilled in quality control. She could keep an eye on said nurse, sitting to the left of me..the one in which our pretend shark victim's entire life depends!
I never really realized how important MY skill set would be in a situation like this! As a Professional Bow-tire-er-on-er....I, of course, would tie the tourniquet. And, make it look beautiful....:) 

My thoughts on this trip seem to be wrapped around...our human condition. Everyone need to feel valued, appreciated and feel we have an important role to play. (like the five of us -superhero lifesavers!)  But, what if our piece of the puzzle doesn't easily slide in to the big picture of things? Edges all sharp and poky...different from the rest.  What if we're a misfit? How does a person like that ever relate..or feel human? 

These thoughts and more coming to "On Being Human..Part 2" , in a Bloggestshpere near you..

In the meantime, a nap sounds good:) 

I'm only human....