Friday, August 31, 2012

Here Kitty Kitty

Things are progressing nicely with my homeless cat and me. He recently confessed that if he could do things over again...he would have left his Tomcat ways sooner and settled down to a nice quiet little life  with me. That's a pretty sweet sentiment for a street-wise cat like mine. (Are women always trying to tame the wild beast?) We seem to understand each other. We speak the same language. Meow.

I give him his space. He leaves me presents.

He likes my cooking. I just go ahead and let him believe that I make everything from scratch. He pictures me in the kitchen (which he has never seen, he respects my boundaries) where I lovingly bake the salmon while the scallops are sauteing and the rice is steaming. I wear my little kitten slippers....

I mix it all together and gingerly roll it out with my wooden rolling pin and then cut it into smallish  shapes like fish and mice ~ something a Tomcat would like to sink his teeth into.  I pop it in the oven to bake until it resembles something much like Frisky's Seafood Sensation.

Which it is..

I hide the bag.

Some people may call this dishonest..
I prefer..mysterious.

I never ask where he has been. He stopped asking to come into the house.

Recently, when I was shopping in TJ Maxx. I found myself looking at handsome cat food bowls.
Up until then, it was only tupperware for my man. I made the purchase. I invested in the relationship.

I guess we are an official couple. Pretty soon, we will be watching The Wheel of Fortune and Jeopardy together every night. I'll keep the glass clean so he will have a clear view through the window.

We're perfect for each other..

Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Little Things Long Remembered

We went outside to wait for the bus. We hear it first, then see it turn the corner onto our street. Aidan is super excited! I can't believe this day has come.

He boards and picks a seat. He has the choice of them all because he is the lone rider on the bus. He doesn't seem to mind.

The aide on the bus in a gentle man. He looks like every one's grandfather and he smiles at Aidan and buckles him in his seat.
We tell Aidan to enjoy the bus ride, to have fun at school, to be nice, to be kind..all the things that he already is... and we tell him we will see him after school.
Amie and I stand in our driveway and see that the bus driver is waving to us..I think she is trying to tell us not to worry, that he will be fine..he is in good hands. I know this to be true, only because we prayed over him this morning and put him in the right hands. Trusting God to hold his hand..that the grip will be tight..that he won't let him fall.

But,  I'm cynical
I'm doubtful
I need proof.
So, I ask for an extra measure of faith.
And He is faithful.

I'm glad our future is hidden from us. The Lord breaks our lives up into days..because it's all we can handle. With a rest before the next. I would never have never imagined that five years ago when Aidan was born, that we would be putting him on a public school bus (the little bus, with the aide) with two complete strangers.

Aidan is non-verbal, and he has low muscle tone in his mouth with makes him drool so he wears bandannas to help keep him dry and make it  not as noticeable. It makes him different. I worry that he will be teased, misunderstood and not easily excepted.

The schools Open House was not a great start. Everything seemed to fall apart.  Among other things, I  was sorry not to see Aidan's desk and cubby labeled.

And then I starting adding my own labels.
I labeled the teacher: Burned-out.
I labeled the school: Unorganized.

She who scatters thorns, should not go barefoot.

But, then the school called a meeting. Eleven of us, the school nurse, the special ed teacher, two speech therapist, two of Aidan's aides, the principal, a student teacher and his teacher, Amie and myself.(oh, and maybe that was Jesus as a fly on the wall..or that sweet aroma in the room, or maybe He was that peace that dropped into my heart)  We had a chance to verbalize our concerns and meet the people who would have daily contact with Aidan.

At one point, while the speech therapist was showing the others the system Aidan would be using, I raised my head from my note pad and looked at the faces around the table.

Team Aidan.

All these people would be working together to make sure Aidan had every opportunity to learn (in his own unique way) right along with the others. To have the same expectations and possibilities as the others.

Team Aidan. And then I did what I hate to do...cry in public. There was no stopping it. I was all at once, so very thankful for the help I saw sitting around that table. Someone got up and brought me a box of tissues. I think I signed "thank-you'..and I think they understood.

I can't wait to see Aidan when he gets home (On the little yellow school bus of course:) and hear what his fingers tell me about his day. I'm hoping to see the word "fun" "happy" and .......please Lord, "friends".

I better make room on the IS kindergarten you know:)

Sunday, August 12, 2012

Lofty Ambitions

For the moment, I am  turning aside from my loft ambitions to prosaic details. But, only for as long as it takes, then making a sharp turn back to my road of ambitious plans.

I have the next three days off. I guess I could call this a mini vacation. And what will I do with this mini vacation? Stay home and clean my house!

It's an exciting life! (don't be jealous:)

It will take the vast majority of time to clean out my closet. My shoes spill out into my room like I remember my little Barbie shoes looking when I would dump them out onto the floor to find the perfect pair for her going to the Ball dress.

The obsession started early. Adam blamed Eve..I blame Barbie.

I think I just need a system to organize the spillage. My daughter thinks I need a Goodwill bag....
How is it we are related?! She gets by with owning about four pair of shoes and is mostly happy in a pair of tennis shoes. With all my shoes, I'm not sure I even own a pair of tennis shoes. (or maybe they are just buried under that pile in the corner...)

And what's a mini vacation with out all that delicious vacation-y food! Today, I plan to make an entire meal from my Pintrest Cookbook Board.

Aw...Pintrest...My guilty pleasure, my time buster, my way to relax and get inspired! All my little boards of interest~with the names I lovingly gave to them at birth:)

Pintrest inspires the teacher,the designer, the cook and pastry chef in me. Pintrest makes me feel like I could coordinate anyone's wedding. It makes believe I could plan the theme, design the centerpieces, bake the cake and make the wedding favors. Not to mention capturing the day with the most creative photo's..worthy of a re-pin:)

Good thing I am happy being a professional bow-tie-er-on-er:)

Well, the timer just went off and that means my Mandarin Orange Cake is ready. I have The Best Danged Beef Pot Roast bubbling in the crock pot.(with the addition of the secret ingredient: 1 individual size serving of applesauce...strange I know...we shall see...)
Next will come Zucchini Oven Fries, Garlic Parmesan Knots and Corn Salad. All thanks to my fellow contributors of Pintrest.

I have been waiting for a mini vacation to do this!

I suppose I may have to visit my Work Out Board after today...that is of course if I ever find those tennis shoes....

Happy Pinning!