Monday, April 30, 2012

Quietly blogging...

Why do people blog? I know why people READ blogs. It's a peek into someones life. It's all the inside information..spilling out onto paper..or a computer screen. What is inside peoples hearts and minds? Read a few blogs and soon, you may feel like you actually know the person. I check into see what they are cooking up in the kitchen, what new products they have discovered or what is going on in their family/personal lives. Those are my favorite bloggers~ the truth tellers.

Sometimes it feels like stumbling across someones diary. Should I really be reading this? It's so personal. Did you just mean to bare your soul like that? ~Thank-you.

I thought that if I ever came up with a name I liked for a blog, I would start one. This morning the phrase "Quietly Blogging" jumped into my head. I liked it. Uh, Oh. ~So here I am, quietly blogging. To myself, and anyone else that may like to peek into my diary. Let's have some fun:) ..and shhhh..this is a quiet blog.