Tuesday, August 12, 2014

Roller Coaster

Someone has a new backpack.

Someone is going to school today.

Geez, one minute we are carrying him from the bed, to the sofa, to the bathroom - literally carrying him.

On minute we are ordering things like wheelchairs, walkers and bath seats.

Today, he is able to stand (a little bit wobbly and we are still holding on a bit) and walk around with a backpack loaded with fresh school supplies.

This has certainly been one roller coaster of a ride.

The way up is the most frightening. Click, click, click up into the unknown.

Our hands are gripped tightly to the sides.

The fear and anxiety shows up on our faces.

I never choose the roller coaster ride...

"One ticket for the Lazy River please..."

The ride throws you into one hair-raising turn after the other.

Sometimes, making a complete loop.

And then there's the drop.

Oh God, the drop...

Will it all go crashing down?

You realize your not breathing..

You will yourself to take a breath.

But, you're not alone on the ride.

There're people in front and folks behind...

You're hemmed in.

The death grip loosens.

One finger at a time.

You throw your hands up.

In complete surrender.

You trust in the engineering and the design and the wisdom of the creator of this particular ride.

After all, it does come with a warning:

"In this world, you will have trouble. But trust in me and you will be unshakable, assured and deeply at peace."

The ride levels off....a safe landing is in sight.

(You've earned a free pass on the Merry Go Round:)

So, here we are! The first day of 2nd grade!

Let the ride begin..