Saturday, February 7, 2015

Simply Irrestible

My friends know about my on again off again relationship with Kate, the girl who knows every intimate detail about me - including my credit card number.

We have the common relationship problems, mostly swirling about money. We dance around the issue, she at the primary lead.

I keep a little envelope with her name on it (ala Dave Ramsey) and try to make the occasional  investment into our relationship.

I want to be ready when she reaches out to me via email. And sometimes I get the occasional text. This is how I know our relationship is progressing in a serious manner. She's got my number.

With attached images so provocative one must proceed with caution. Open at your own peril!
(Especially if there isn't really an envelope with her name on it...)

Sometimes Kate moves a little fast. She plays a game called "Flash Sale." Limited items for a limited time. It's rapid fire decision making.

How limited are these quantities, Kate? No time to ask!

But she knows I'm not that kind of girl. I like to take my time. I need to look at every photo listed for the item- every angle. I need to zoom. I need to see how it looks on the model. I need to get my tape measure out and get a visual on how large that bag actually is! (Not that....well, you know..)

Lately, she and I have encountered another relationship pitfall.


Take this beautiful bag, for instance.

The color for this bag is listed as "Clock Tower and Black."

Are you kidding me, Kate? Even in a box of 64, I never came across the color Clock Tower. Is this grayish? Because I would really prefer it to have tan tones. I can't really tell and clock tower isn't ringing any bells. (so to speak..)

I hate to go behind Kate's back, and I realize trust is an essential element in any relationship..but, I must. I Google: "Is Clock Tower a color?"

And to tell you the truth, I'm still not sure. I did find a fancy pants paint line by Marston & Langinger that mentioned the name.

 I guess you learn something new everyday! And isn't that the sign of a healthy relationship?

We'll work though this, like we always do.

I'm just going to have to forgive my Kate for using her designer names for something that could simply be described as tan or grey.

 She can't help herself...she's an artist, a designer type. But, I knew that going in.

And as Robert Palmer often reminds me:

"She's simply irresistible."