Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Walks and Talks

Summertime, when the livn's easy. Or at least it's when there is no need to drag Aidan out of bed in the morning to catch the bus because there is no bus, but he has decided now is the time to get up at the crack of dawn.

Well played Aidan..

This morning, I asked Aidan if he would come with me to do some errands. I tried to make getting new lenses in my glasses sound as exciting as possible!  He signed no, I signed yes, he signed no. (this is our usual pattern:) Somewhere along the way he changed his mind and decided to come with me. I suppose  it's what's called a man's prerogative. (and take THAT Monster truck game on his ipad)

I pulled up to Mill Mt. and told Aidan we needed to run in for coffee. He signs no, I sign yes, he signs no. He does not change his mind, so I pick him up and carry him in. (I dont' know why my arms don't look better....)

He spies the PopTarts on the counter. In a perfect world, Aidan wouldn't know what a PopTart was but I  seemed to have left Health Food Grandma at home and instead brought Super Spiritual Grandma. I decide that when I pray over it to bless and nourish his actually does. It is no longer a PopTart...Its Manna from heaven.

Well played Grandma...

It was such a beautiful morning and I was remembering when I would park near Bollo's and Aidan and I would get a treat and walk to the library or the Huckleberry Trail. It sounded good and we already had our treats, but still best to park near Bollo's because there was always that walk back:)

Meter pennies to be found in my wallet. But, then I remembered I was Super Spiritual Grandma and I asked the Lord to let me find a quarter somewhere in my car (so I wouldn't embarrass Him by asking the walker-byers) He did. Exactly one quarter. One hour. Minutes from heaven.

Well played God...

 On the walk, Aidan had a little accident. He is way beyond this happening, and now it's usually a sign that his medicine is a bit off and his brain may not be firing correctly, so I am a little concerned. It's not that bad, it doesn't seem to bother him. I don't have pants back in the car anyway, only extra shirts and bandanna's so I decide that the little spot will dry by the time we get the library. I probably won't tell anyone this part of the story:)

Total Grandma fail.

I talk a lot on our walks. I explain to Aidan that I am walking on the outside of the sidewalk because I am older so I need to protect him from the cars and bicyclers whizzing by, but that soon he will be the one walking on the outside..because he will be a man. He looks over at me and shows me his muscles. I feel a tug in my heart.

Well played Life...

                We end up on the Huckleberry Trail where people are friendly and share their pets:)

Aidan saw a mom and a little girl sitting on the side of the path. He signed to me that he thought the little girl was crying. We went over to say hello. They were happily playing with a worm - poking it with a humanely as possible said the mother:) I looked over at Aidan and he was squishing a bug under his shoe. I'm not sure what kind of nature walk we were on...........

A bee scared Aidan and he tripped and fell. He was shaken but not crying. I decide I had better tell a story quickly to avert the tears. I told a story about  a bee that tried to sting a boy named Aidan and he slid down a hill into a bears den where the bear licks his wounds and sends him on his way all healed and well. Aidan is so thankful he tells the bear where he saw the bee...because, where there are is sure to find honey! :) He and the bear were friends for life!

I'd say "Well played Grandma"but, this story actually backfires on me when on the way back, Aidan tells me he is afraid of the bears and wants me to carry him. I remind Aidan how old I am. I point to my shoes which aren't exactly appropriate for a walk. He does not want to hear my excuses. He actually gives me two thumbs up for my shoes which are some of his favorites because they have three blue stones on the T-strap. (this is something I have taught Aidan to do when I need encouragement for what I am wearing..not one thumb, but two...always two:)

I pick him up and carry him the rest of the way.

Well played Aidan....

I never did get to the eye doctors to get my new lenses. We had talks to make and walks to take.

Well played Day....

And, maybe I can talk Aidan into going with me tomorrow:)