Saturday, December 13, 2014

T'is The Season

What? Where did I get this beautiful platter, you ask?

 Oh, at a little shop called On A Whim.

And look, you can change it up!

Ah, the sound of velcro. (rip, rip rip)

 It's the cousin to bubble wrap. (pop pop pop!).

 Very satisfying, if you're weird.

This plate has as many changes as a Madonna concert.

 You might like one of your own.. if you're a Material Girl like that:)

T'is the season! We are making our homes Merry and Bright.

 Shopping for others, but somehow always finding something for ourselves.

 I should really fund one of those Christmas Club accounts.

I work retail. So it's busy, hectic, stressful but fun. It's festive and fast paced.

No time to wimp out.

 I channel my inner Duke.
To myself in the morning: "A (wo-) man's gotta do what a (wo-) man's gotta do!"

To my Barista: "Don't say it's a fine morn'n or I'll shoot ya"

When I'm placing an order for a customer who needs it yesterday: "Hurry up, we're burn'n daylight!"

To the co-worker who appears to be doing nothing: "Fill your hands, you son-of-a b*tch"

And when I get home from a long day and kick off my shoes I hear him say:

 "Get off your horse and drink your milk" always know just what to say..

Here's what he night say if I asked him if I could just use his finger for a minute to tie a little bow...

He's non-verbal like that....

One of my favorite shoppers this season was an eight year old little girl.

Me: What would you like for Christmas?

She doesn't shy back...

 Favorite Girl: Duck tape!

Me: Wow! Duct tape..that sounds exciting!

She's an artist. It's her medium of choice.

She has belts to make, backpacks to decorate, and books to re-design.

She's eight....

Her joy is contagious.

Duct tape.

Right when the thought crosses my mind that her Christmas wish is going to be fairly painless on her parents budget, she adds:

"Oh, and Ugg boots. I'd like a pair of Ugg boots"

Of course she does:)

She's an artist with style.

Is there any other?

Merry Christmas..Pilgrims.