Saturday, October 4, 2014

Mom Diaries 2014: Every 15 Minutes

Has anyone heard of Bubble Tea? Sophie introduced this to me yesterday.

It's a little like the self serve frozen yogurt experience, except the "toppings" actually go on the bottom. Instead of candy and fruit, the choices are little jelly cubes of tapioca.. also called "pearls" Then the tea is poured over and the cup goes through a little machine and a foil top is sealed. Using a large straw, you punch through the lid and as you drink you get a few of the little pearls of various flavors.


This Southern Belle is becoming quite the California girl.

Thank you Alameda, for all your cute coffee spots and shops and beautiful  homes.

Next stop: San Mateo. Let the Mom diaries begin..

I was feeling a little travel worn so my mom and I decide to crawl into her bed and watch a movie.

We go through the choices and decide on Jerry Maguire.
I totally had forget that the movie starts with that rather steamy sex scene between Tom Cruise and Kelly Preston.

We take turns saying:

Oh my...

Our mother/daughter time has started off with a bang.

(So to speak....:)

Today, we decide to actually get out of the bed and GO to a movie. There's a heatwave here and I am
looking forward to the air conditioning..I don't care WHAT we see.

My mom logs on-line and checks the movie times. (I love that about her, still engaged in life and not afraid to try new things like Facebook, Blogging and learning more about the internet. That's pretty impressive for a 84 year old.)

She finds an early show and tells me we need to leave by 10 am. And here's how the rest of the conversation went:

Me: Oh, great! I'll just hop in the shower around 9.
Mom: Oh, we don't take showers here..only baths.
Me: Oh, (we take turns saying "oh" a lot ) Well, how will I wash my hair?
Mom: You can get on all fours.
Me: Oh...
Mom: Or, you could lay down and I could pour water over your head.
Me: Um...
Me: Oh, that's ok..I'll figure something out...

She comes into the bathroom a couple times asking if I need any help.
(I'm wondering how I functioned for the last 30 years with out my mother's help:)
I told her everything was fine and I was doing great.....I did manage to wash my hair in the bathtub.
That one day at the gym finally paid off..

Look at my choices at the theater..
 Now, how do these Californians expect me to choice between drinking Starbucks coffee or eating ice cream...Better just do both?

This is my mother's "grandmother" clock.

It chimes every 15 minutes.

Every 15 a decibel only an 84 year old could appreciate.

Did I mention it chimes very 15 minutes????

I am increasingly becoming aware of the time passing 15 minutes intervals....

Anyway, I know that time passes quickly and soon I will fill this visit flying by..

I want to savor every minute.

Thanks to this clock, I have a reminder of that.

Every 15 minutes:)

"My favorite things in life do not cost money. It's really clear that the most precious resources we all have is time."~ Steve Jobs.

Thursday, October 2, 2014

Travel For Dummies

"I'm leav'n on a jet plane..don't know when I'll be back again..."

Well, actually I do, because I bought a round trip ticket...

After a three hour drive, I'm sitting at my gate. If I enjoyed flying all this might be pretty exciting. It's just the take off, the landing and all that in between.

So, I just asked The Lord for two things.

1) "Lord, would you please bump me up to first class? I dressed up, just in case. ( just doing my little part ,Lord)

2) "Lord, could you please keep the plane from landing too soon. (If you get my drift..)

It's a shorten list.

I'd also really love it if a Flash Mob would erupt during my flight.

Maybe the cast of the Lion King aboard?

I've always wanted to be a witness to one of those fantastic events! Maybe we'd all be in first class so I'd really feel apart of it. ;)

And how fun would it be to have a flamboyant flight attendant  demonstrating the proper way to buckle my seatbelt via Chorus Line style?

Maybe a Rockettes high kick pointing out the nearest exits?

My flight is delayed. They need to replace the fire alarm in the bathroom.

It's taking so long I believe they must have had to send someone to Wal Mart.

I guess I should want to know if my plane is on fire...

I hope I sit next to that young mom I see to my right.. Maybe I could walk up and down the isle with her little boy. ( Maybe he likes to pace too:)

And we could sing along to our Flash Mob and enjoy our real cloth napkins in first class:)

Anyway, I'll see if there is a way I could help her... It IS a 5 hour flight.

 Paying it forward for the wonderful people who offered to help with Aidan.

Thank you from the bottom of my heart.