Wednesday, March 26, 2014

A Beautiful Mess

The new craft I decided to try looked whimsical, beautiful and charming.  Most importantly, it looked fairly easy to do! (That's why I chose it:)  But, it's not so easy. Or, maybe it's just that I'm really horrible at it.

Pretty sure I'm horrible at it...

The vintage silverware is beautiful to work with. It's old, it has a history. It comes with flaws. The lettering doesn't have to look perfect. It's supposed to be part of its charm.

Good thing.

Because I'm pretty horrible at it.

Someone recently encouraged me that it's new, I need to get the feel of it and that of course I will make mistakes!

It's just that I have to practice on the pieces themselves which can be a little costly (even though I am getting pretty good at finding interesting pieces for pennies on the dollar) and if it's a particularly beautiful piece it can be quite disappointing to see it end up in the practice pile.

My practice pile is getting to be a pretty sad beautiful mess....

This morning I had a little time and thought it would be cute to stamp "Humble Pie" on a lovely pie server. I stamped the E on backwards. What? That is just unacceptable. Talk about having a slice of humble pie...
But, I had to laugh at myself-it was pretty funny. (a few minutes later....:)

I'll keep trying. My beautiful mess pile will get smaller. I'll have pieces I'm happy with.
I come from a long line of creative women. I have a lot of ideas for these beautiful silver pieces.

And after all, I DID invest in this lovely PB wall organizer to keep it all a beautiful mess:

Talk about putting the cart before the horse:)

This morning, I thought about past mistakes. Why we make we get over them and the need to forgive ourselves and those who's mistakes impact our own lives.

No one gets out of here alive without making a few. We are all flawed. I look down at my imperfect pieces of silver, still beautiful in many ways.

(stupid backward E:)

And then, I wrote this:

They take you
Want to break you
Try to make you...
Into something you are not.

Tell their lies to you
Slip up beside you
And whisper....
"there is no way back"

But, you get up
You lift your head up
Tired of being fed up..
You're not defined by the past

You won't be suspended
In a time unmended
You'll take the scars..
And called them blessed.

That's when a strength is born..
From a beautiful mess.