Sunday, May 10, 2015

Penny Diaries

When I was growing up in California, we had a neighborhood store called Hicky's. They sold candy pieces for a penny ~ also known as Penny Candy. We'd search under sofa cushions, pilfer through junk drawers and any wallets that were just hanging around:) - gather up as many pennies as we could find and hop on our bikes and get a bagful! We kept our dentists' busy. 

Penny Candy was always a sweet treat!

This weekend I had sweet treat. Penny Ruth! I don't get to see her as often as I would like, so it's important to make all the minutes count. There's something said about pleasures being spread throughout the earth in stray gifts waiting to be claimed by whomever shall find...I found many this weekend. 

I forgot how cute a one and half year old is in footie jammies:) 

After our little snack, it was time to clean up. We talked about how a woman's work is never done!......scrub scrub scrub..and sang songs like: "I like hugs, I like kisses, but what I love is help with the dishes" :) 

.Ah... the importance of grooming. While putting on our make up, we used our british accents. 

Rollers out = time to go to Gilles! (but you would be just as welcomed at Gilles with rollers in your hair.......)
She's holding that extra cream in her mouth for me..the table was getting a little crowed...

It was time to go home and relax. (Time to do nothing...then rest afterwards:) Aidan was tired from his big day so we decided to put in a movie. One of them watched it...

Today is Mother's Day, so out walked Penny with my gift. 
It looks more like her's than mine...but believe me, that See's Candy was coming to me if I had to wrestle her for it. 

What a sweet day. Penny Candy and all...:)