Saturday, July 30, 2016

A New Move

Aidan has lived in my home since the day he was born. Recently, we found a house that's handicap accessible and he lives there now with his mom and dad. Aidan loves his new house! I miss seeing his sweet face in the morning and hearing his laugh echo throughout the house. It makes my time with him seem even more special. Like the little adventure we had today:) 
Spending time with Aidan helps me to slow down and to detach myself from petty issues which I have no business entertaining. 

Everyone involve with the care of Aidan is stretched in endurance and it can produce a bone-tired fatigue. But there's no quitting. It's a situation where the dream isn't the reality but, you make peace with it. Hemingway said: "The world breaks everyone" That's what a diagnosis does to a family - and it becomes a slow nightfall of acceptance. The milestones are A-typical but you rejoice in the little things! With feet firmly planted in live between trials and faith. Underneath it all, Love is there. And Love speaks clearly enough. 

Happy new home, Aidan! I love you.